Facebook Pixel Training 



This training program is for Facebook Marketers who want to know how to increase conversions with Facebook advertising.

The key to success with Facebook Advertising is using the Facebook Pixel to set up an effective advertising funnel and get more out of your advertising budget.

This practical training steps you through how to set up your Facebook advertising platform for success.

We cover:

  1. Understanding and implementing the Facebook Pixel
  2. Building audiences and website traffic
  3. Tracking with custom conversions and standard events
  4. Optimizing your advertising for conversion and advertising funnel strategies
  • 4 webinars of 60 minutes
  • Format: presentation, common questions, implementation activity
  • Recordings always accessible via membership site
  • Pricing for 4 week program: $298.00 plus GST
  • Membership of the Digital Marketing Club Private Facebook group where you can get all your questions answered


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Available on Demand 

The program is now available on demand, allowing you to up-skill when it suits you. Any time with no time limit. 

Each lesson includes "how to" instructions and examples on how to use the data.

The implementation task at the end of each webinar will have you putting your learning into practice. If you get stuck, we help you!

  • “We’re only in week 2 and I’ve already learned more from Beth Powell than the many hours I’ve put in trying to get my head around Facebook advertising.”

    Founder, The Healthy Gut

  • “You can really see Beth knows the material really well, very knowledgable and valuable, even better I understood the content, she made it easy to follow. I highly recommend Beth”

    Brand Strategist

  • “I’ve done other social media “education” in the past, but this is so much more informative, constructive and practical than anything I’ve done before!”

    Rosemary Jandura

  • “Beth explains the concepts and answers questions with great detail and in easy to understand language. With her experience, it is great to hear the examples. Access to the Facebook Group is also a great resource.”


  • “Have attended training 5 times with Beth, I have learnt so much about the digital world from Beth. Highly highly recommend!”

    Marketing Manager, Toowoomba Toyota

Here's what marketing companies say about the Facebook Pixel 

"If you’re using Facebook ads—or you plan to use them in the future—there’s one key tool you should start using right away to get the most out of your social ad budget: the Facebook pixel", Hootsuite 

"The thing is, although Facebook pixels are confusing, they make advertising on Facebook much more effective. Not only do you know exactly who you’re advertising to, you also have a better understanding of how your Facebook ads are performing. All in all, you can make your messaging much more effective, leading to a better return on your advertising dollars," Shopify

"Installing the Facebook pixel gives you a better overview of your Facebook ads campaign results, and you’ll be able to quickly create remarketing audiences. While the Facebook pixel might seem confusing at first glance, you’ll get so much value out of using it that it’s worth the struggle," Adespresso

"The pixel allows you to run highly targeted campaigns, so it’s important to install it before running Facebook ads," Social Media Examiner

Learn how you can use the Facebook Pixel to improve your advertising. 

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